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ну это то же самое, что Стиль запостил)

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нерф всего и вся, примов второй фикс подряд нерфят :rip:

и насчёт мом, завтра же только будет фикс на евро

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Arisen Arak:

- Fixed an issue with Fiery Absolution being interruptible, as this was not intended.

- Fixed an issue with Arisen Arak resetting if anyone at all died during the final phase.


* Dark Genesis:

- Dark Genesis tires of this current wave of ascended seeking to prevent ruin from falling across Telara. He’s decided to be a little less oppressive, as a result he’s pulling his punches and not using Pin Down as frequently or hitting as hard with it. - Purging flames is back on! Yay! Burn!

- The Fire Genesis are back from vacation and now doing appropriate amounts of damage and returned to their non-targetable ways.

- HP has been reduced by 25%.


* Enigma:

- Enigma’s “Disintegration Field” damage has been reduced by 50%.

- The cooldown on “Chaotic Pull” and “Suspend” has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds.

- Cast time of Full Heal increased by 0.5 seconds. - Damage from Disintegration is now 90% of your maximum health.

- HP has been reduced by 30%.


* Fauxmire:

- As the Ascended grow accustom to the darkness of the Synapse forest Fauxmire finds his home less threatening. The Encroaching Shadows deal significantly less damage.

- With nightmare creatures found in this forest creating less terror, ascended are no longer afraid of the dark. As a result callings that are beckoned by the night now only feel 25% of the fear they did before.

- HP has been reduced by 30%.


* Lady Envy

- The speed of Enthralled Oculons has been reduced from 150% runspeed to 100%.

- The debuff of Gaze of Envy has been reduced from 50% to 20%.

- Lady Envy will no longer Cleave after her Singularity phase.

- Added save zone indicators for the bullet hell.

- HP has been reduced by 30%.


* Lady Justice: - Resolved an issue with Lady Justice’s tank swap.

- Reduced Pain of Judgment to 7.5% per person.

- HP has been reduced by 12.5%.

- Trial by Fire is no longer a one shot kill.


* Lord Arak:

- HP has been reduced by 30%.


* Pagura: - The curses can be played now by the same people(your carries).

- Shattering Roar interrupts itself if Pagura is pushed to 40%.

- HP has been reduced by 50%.


* Pillars of Justice:

- HP has been reduced by 50%.

- Health variation tolerance increased to 10%, up from 3.5%.

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чёт слишком. :(

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Ага скоро на десять человек будем разделяются и убивать

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Ну десять это перебор))

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В шопе на ПТС появилось Т3 оружие.1н-15к марок 2н-соответственно 30к.Грейдится в золото Глазом.Прок при грейде не появляется.Фиолетовое одинаково с дроповым.Судя по этому Comet of Ahnket скорее всего не будет Т3 данжем.Так что либо Т1 4.0,либоТ4 3.0.Дроп из него пока выглядит на 3.5.

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RIFT 3.6: Hotfix #7 5/18/2016


RIFT 3.6: Hotfix #7 5/18/2016


NA: 5/18/16 7:30 AM PDT

EU: 5/18/16 2:30 PM GMT (UTC)




* Improved performance for those with very large friends lists.





* Tier 3 weapons and armor can now be purchased for credits, along with armor and weapon bundles!

* Credit and token prices for Tier 2, Tier 1, and Expert armor and weapons have been reduced.

* Credit price for World Tier armor has been reduced.






* Enigma: Enigma’s love of the 80s has been curbed. He should no longer have a rare chance to create a laser light show of death with Beam of Entropy.




* Adventure Caches from Intrepid Adventure bosses will now reward Abyssal Crusader Marks.



* Enigma: Enigma’s twin brother also will no longer have a chance to bring back the 80s. Beam of Entropy should now work as intended and not have a rare chance to strike multiple players.

* Enigma: Fixed an issue where Beam of Entropy damage could skip an interval and do no damage.

* Lady Envy: Fixed the VFX for Resentment to always render. Also changed the duration to last only 13 seconds.

* Judicial Support should now heal for less.

* Fixed an issue that could result in infinite falling during some boss fights.

* Removed XP from the adds during the Lady Justice fight.

* Unstable Anomaly Caches will no longer prompt loot roll windows when in a group.

* Bolt Infection from the Death Breeder should now heal less.

* The Judge, Jury, and Executioner can no longer be dragged to the spawn.

* The judgment of Innocence stun should now be only 2 seconds.




* Bank Vault expansion purchases have been fixed so that the final two vaults can be expanded. Additionally, we've granted everyone the main bank vault expansion for free, or the next available unexpanded vault.




* Tutorial Quests: Soul Mending: This quest has been removed from the game.



* The nightmare of Demogos is finally at end. The “Delusions of the Abyss” quest rift will now correctly close upon completion.



* Quests: Carnage: Reporting Losses: This quest is now available to both Guardians and Defiants.



* Quest: The Grave of Amunet: Players that unintentionally kill the Stormtouched Lich of Amunet or the Icy Lich of Amunet without using the Grimoire on them first will now cause the grave site to reset and allow them to try again. The Grimoire must be used on both of these undead to spawn the final Corrupted Lich of Amunet to complete the quest.


Пошли слухи о скором введении новой 10ки

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Comet of Ahnket уже открыта на US шардах..На EU не активен вход.

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RIFT 3.6: Hotfix #13 6/22/2016


NA: 6/22/16 7:30 AM PDT

EU: 6/22/16 2:30 PM GMT (UTC)


We’re Celebrating Loyalty Week!


Log into RIFT through June 28 to reap double Loyalty rewards, plus double Affinity Points for Patrons! In addition, you'll also get:


* 50% Bonus Prestige

* 50% Bonus Favor

* 50% Bonus Combat Experience

* 50% Bonus Guild Experience

* 50% Bonus Planar Attunment Experience.


Log in this week and enjoy a little bit extra - you deserve it!






* Five If By Sea: This quest now correctly appears in the Weekly category in the quest log.








* Blast Wave now procs the Grounded buff that prevents a player target from being knocked back repeatedly.

* Drown will now interrupt immediately on cast rather than waiting for the projectile to strike.






* Windspear should now correctly interrupt as expected.






* Changed the Pelagic Cleric’s “Salvation” ability from an absorb to an immunity to Cave In




* Fixed the quest objective for Arisen Arak to appear after Lady Justice, Enigma and Dark Genesis have been killed.

* Vis and Misericordia – Measures have been implemented to encourage players not to pull either boss from their tower perch.






* Fixed an issue causing the Shield Break temporary ability to not be given to players.




* Increased the stats of the following essences:

- Deacon's Immeasurable Pyrestone

- Deacon's Sinister Fathomstone

- Deacon's Soulless Dreamcatcher

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